The Person Behind The Camera

Hi & welcome to my website Shot @ 35mm Photography.

I currently reside in the Hunter Valley. Over the years I have extensively traveled Australia either for work or pleasure, I have lived in the Kimberley Region of WA, Alice Springs & SA.

I started taking photo’s around 30 years ago with a 35mm film camera, but gave up photography due to work commitments. I took up photography again when I turned 50, my birthday present from my family was a Nikon D3100 twin lens kit, I just wanted to see if my interest was still there & it was.

I then bought a Nikon D3200 body & fitted a Nikon 35mm prime lens hence the name shot@35mm, using a fixed prime lens makes you look at the subject to determine optimal position as you can’t zoom in or out to get the shot, you have to move which makes you look at your subject in a whole new light.

My arsenal now includes 1 x D3100, 1 x D3200, 1 x D610 & a new D7200, lenses include 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 35mm, 50mm, 24-70mm, in Nikon, and a 10-20mm wide angle Sigma, 70-300mm with macro Sigma, 150-600 Tamron, 500mm Mirror Samyang.

Please enjoy my site & leave a message to say you have visited.

ABN: 39 342 502 733

Colin McDonald
0478 750 448